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The package TORVIS BAKER GIRL includes a pretty camisk (top + panties) a resizer belt, a legwrap (resizer too) and a scripted bread weapon to defence yourself.

All prims have resizer script to fit the clothes to your avatar weight
Use this script is very simple; you only have to click over one prim, and select RESIZER on the blue menu and use the different buttons to select the percentage you want to enlarge or reduce the garment.
press MIN SIZE to decrease the maximum.
press MAX SIZE to increase the maximum.
RESTORE began to return to production size.

* [TGW] Bread Draw(righthand) (GM /GLM).

is a GM, and GLM compatible melee weapon. To use dress the item (MUST BE ATTACHED IN RIGHT HAND). By default, the bread will appear hidden.
To get ready to hit with the bread type in the chat window: / 1 draw bread
or press the F3 key on your keyboard (must be activated before the gesture "[TGW] Bread Draw (F3)" included inside the pack

To save the bread (sheath) press F4 ( you have to activate before the gesture [TGW] Bread Sheath ) or write again in the chat window: / 1 sheath bread

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