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This pack includes top, panty, resizer skirt, resizer carcaj, bow draw, bow sheath.
The voodoo bow is a weapon Gorean Meter support CSS and CS2.
To access the options menu, click on the bow unsheathed.

ARROWS: Select Short, Medium and Long Distance
SOUNDS: Choose between different sounds available
MODE: Autofire or normal fire.
BLOOD: Switches blood effect. By default enabled
AIM: AIM Select Level
HOOK: rez climbing rope


/ 1 draw bow or pressing F5 if you have enabled gesture


/ 1 sheath bow or pressing F6 if you have enabled gesture


/ 1 hook, or pressing F10 if you have enabled gesture


/ 1 short range
/ 1 medium range
/ 1 long range


If you click on the quiver may access the following options:

JOIN GROUP: Join the Gorean Torvis Weapons group and receive news and promotions

XSTREETSL: Access our catalog in Xstreetsl

RESIZE: Complete tool to change the size of your quiver

GET VOODOO: Take the quiver voodoo doll, dressing, launched a diabolical laugh and say a random phrase by clicking on it.

TGW BLOG: Blog Access Gorean Torvis Weapons

More doubts or problems:
Send a Im to Torvis Rainfall.

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